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11 Ways To Stay Healthy While Working Full Time

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I know as well as anyone the challenges that come along with working a fulltime stress filled job and also trying to eat healthy and exercise. During the workweek I find it extremely easy to skip exercising and give in to unhealthy food. Here are 10 ways that might help you stay on track during the workweek.

1 Make sleep your main priority – Without sufficient sleep, which for most people is 7 to 9 hours a night, there are many negatives side effects including heart disease, depression, and weight gain.

2 Pack your gym clothes the night before (or sleep in them if you work out first thing in the morning). Just a few minutes of preparation the night before will give you one less excuse for exercising the next day.

3 Pack your lunch – Once again, a little preparation will go a long way. Instead of waiting until lunch time to decide where and what to eat, which probably won’t be the healthiest meal since most restaurants use high amounts of butter, fat, and salt to cook their food, prepare a healthy and nutritious lunch yourself.

4 Take walk breaks – Get up from your desk as often as possible and go for a walk. Whether it’s a short walk over to a co-workers office instead of messaging them or going for a walk outside, every little bit is beneficial to your health.

5 Take the stairs instead of the elevator – This also helps to avoid awkward elevator rides and small talk about the weather.

6 Follow time-efficient workouts – You probably aren’t going to want to do a long workout after a long day of work. Try to implement High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) instead of longer steady-state workouts. You can even combine HIIT and stead-state workouts to help reduce boredom and the risk of injury. Also, consider supersets to shorten your workouts.

7 Have a home workout prepared just in case - If you normally go to the gym and you’re short on time or you exercise outside but the weather is bad have a home workout prepared as a backup. A simple workout including some push-ups, squats, and planks will give you a pretty good workout at home.

8 Always have healthy snacks at your workspace i.e. nuts, seeds, plain Greek yogurt, hard-boiled egg, fruit, and nut butter packets.

9 Skip the sugary drinks in favor of water, tea, or coffee. No need to add empty calories. Water helps you feel full and consume less calories. You can even jazz up your water with fruit-infused recipes.

10 Plan out your meals – If you wait until you are really hungry to eat chances are you will have a lot of unhealthy cravings. If you can stick to a meal schedule you are less likely to get these cravings. This is one of the main reasons I believe I was successful when doing my 90-day program. I never let myself get too hungry; therefore, I rarely got any cravings.

11 Say No To Office Treats – If you work in an office setting with coworkers you will inevitably be offered cookies, cake, donuts, and many other sugary treats. This will definitely test you, but try not to give in to temptation. A single donut contains around 400 calories. Eating one will cancel out most of the calories you would burn in your work out that day.

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